Zero Persent Rong was a troll and impersonator of the original Zero Percent Wrong. This troll made many users believe Zero Percent Wrong had become a troll, but after Lord of the Allosaurs confirming it was an impersonator, the case was over.

Attack on TopixEdit

Zero Persent Rong arrived on Topix on May 1, 2010 as a registered. He did not troll openly to begin with, but made a post similar to the "Alien Doofuss" unregistered troll account made by Zero Percent Wrong earlier that year. His avatar was a picture of the middle finger, which quickly attracted attention.

On May 2, Zero Persent Wrong began to attack the forum with intense Tyrannosaurus fanboyism and attempted to insult users such as Spinodontosaurus who made posts defending other large theropods. He also claimed that Tyrannosaurus was a pterosaur, a mammal and a plesiosaur, to the amusement of many users.

Two days later, Lord of the Allosaurs returned to Topix after a three-month period of exile. He insulted the troll, who immediately blasted the forum with Mike Anderson-like insults. LOTA attempted to stop him, with Roachasaurus joining him after a few minutes. When Zero Persent Rong made a death threat against Roachasaurus, LOTA reported him to Topix. Within hours, a moderator replied to LOTA's message, and banned Zero Persent Wrong, before removing his posts.


After Zero Persent Rong's posts were removed, a brief chaos ensued, with some new users throwing accusations at the genuine Zero Percent Wrong. Lord of the Allosaurs immediately went to Zero Percent Wrong's defense, and Roachasaurus joined him. Zero Percent Wrong soon arrived on Topix and posted, proving that he was not the troll, as if he had been Zero Persent Rong, he would have been unable to post on Topix.

The impersonator was very possibly the troll Evan/Chase, who had been humiliated by the real Zero Percent Wrong multiple times before.