"Are you serious? Who do you really think would win- an extremely overrated dinosaur or arguably the deadliest animal ever to evolve?"

-Cranzer in reply to Mattking on the topic of "Tyrannosaurus vs. Siberian tiger".

Weinerschnitzel Cranzer, often simply called Cranzer, is a troll who attacked the Topix Dinosaur forum during the spring and summer of 2012. He is known for strongly supporting mammals, and is considered by most to have a hatred of dinosaurs. He is also notorious for insulting other users.


When Weinerschnitzel Cranzer first arrived, he quickly called other members dinosaur fanboys, and said that dinosaurs were extremely overrated. He once even claimed that a Siberian tiger would beat a Tyrannosaurus. This infuriated many members, such as Balaur and Mattking rex, and caused massive flame wars between him and them.

Since then, he has retracted some of his extreme statements, but nontheless still strongly supports mammals.

Cranzer occasionally posted on-topic and less trollish comments on the forum However, partly due to supporting Prime, who many users pass off as a troll, not many acknowledge this and insist Cranzer, too, is a troll.

Cramzer was also targeted by attacks from Dilophosaurus, who was offended by Cranzer's continuous and increasing fanboyism. Eventually Dilophosaurus gained the upper hand, but rather than ceasing his fanboyish ways, Cranzer continued, and insulted other contributors, including Edaphosaurus, who he referred to as "retarded" and "idiotic".

Recent ActivityEdit

Recently, in what was likely an attempt to get him out of the forum, he has been attacked by various contributors, namely Dilophosaurus, Edaphosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Mattking.

They have started threads which insult him and Prime, and accuse him of being a fanboy and a troll. He defended himself, resulting in flame wars.

He believes that Mattking is attacking him only because he stated that he agreed with Prime. Some of the forum's members, such as Dr. Facepalm and Crazy Fish believe this to be true and support him. More recently, he has began supporting mammals on a more trollish scale, creating threads stating he would be renaming the forum "The Topix Animal Forum" and that Mammals would be discussed and Mammals only. Due to this, several contributors that mostly ignored Cranzer began arguing with him, and even trolls who previously supported him (Crazy Fish, Dr. Facepalm, etc) began arguing with him.

Eventually, due to the large ammounts of critisism and insults he was getting Cranzer's rate of posts began to decline until he began to rarely ever post. He left in the summer of 2012.

Class 3 troll- Spams, insults users often, major mammal fanboy. [[Category:Trolls]