Tyrannosaurus 101 was a fanboy that appeared on the Topix Dinosaur Forum at the start of July 2012. He was a moderate troll and his main target was JMD, and later Doctor Facepalm.

Conflicts with JMDEdit

His first target was JMD, whom he considered annoying and wanted out. They first started with arguing about what could kill a T. rex. JMD posted a thread called "Mashed Potatoes with T Rex Thighs". This infuriated Tyrannosaurus 101, and the two started arguing again.

Conflicts with Doctor FacepalmEdit

Doctor Facepalm also started trolling Tyrannosaurus 101. This caused Tyrannosaurus 101 to direct his attention from JMD to Facepalm. Tyrannosaurus 101 tried to troll Doctor Facepalm (e.g. "F**k off, Facepalm"), but he was too persistent for him. Tyrannosaurus 101 eventually backed down and left the forum near the end of July 2012.