Tyranna2, (Formerly Isaacasaurus) is a Contributor on Topix Dinosaur Forum. While he only began posting regularly in late 2011, he has been on TDF ever since the Topix Dark Ages. He is mostly known for his appreciative writing skills that contribute to or create Story threads. His most well known story is Planet of the Dinosaurs. He sometimes contributes on scientific threads too. Although his technical know-how isn't too great, he tends to stay on-topic in a debate. Tyranna2 is an active contributor on Imperial Palace, although he trolls on Topix Dinosaur Forum, as Coprolite1.


He is currently a contributor on Imperial Palace and troll on Topix Dinosaur Forum. He has managed to scare off most trolls, however, he did not manage to chase off Altanative Whatever, Crazy Fish, and Pinky And Ze Brain, even though they later quit trolling anyways. He also fought a troll named Rexby in early 2013, and after that, another, called Oasegenggam.

On the 7th June 2012, he announced his departure from TDF and has begun to post actively on Imperial Palace. However, he has continued to troll on TDF as Coprolite since June 2012, although he mostly flames other trolls. He has also, since September 2013, trolled on the Topix Australia Forum, which he considers retaliation for the spamming of TDF by TAF users.

He has recieved controversy for his constant barrage of insults against trolls on the TDF, as at some points, he insulted some new contributors and created spam threads. His atrittion war with Oasegenggam is a good example of this, as despite it's effectiveness (it drove off Oase), it left several spam threads and posts that were subsequently replied to by trolls and troll feeders.

On IP, Tyranna2 has often clashed with Fegelein, whom had returned to Imperial Palace in June 2013 after nearly a year of absence due to a ban, making it clear that the aftermath of Tyranna2's flame war in 2012 would last for a long time to come. In 2014, Fegelein, who had up to that time believed unbendingly that Giganotosaurus Fan was Spinosaur King, came to the opinion that Tyranna2 was Giganotosaurus Fan. Fegelein has since spammed the wiki with edits proclaiming his viewpoint as fact.

Personality & Skills

In the past, he has never been known to be abusive, and his posts are usually helpful and encouraging, particularly to the newer members. However, he is routinely admonished with criticisms for replying to trolls under his Coprolite namesake.