TrollTopia was the largest troll empire ever established throughout the TDF's history. It spanned over several forums, including the Topix Dinosaur Forum itself. The Empire (Which at the time had no name) was briefly led by Giganotosaurus Fan, until his defeat and exile. Later, the troll Pincus Shain took the ashes of GigaFan's empire and rebuilt it into trolltopia, taking over many forums.


The Empire, which at the time had no name, was founded by the troll Giganotosaurus Fan. It consisted of mostly minor trolls, however more powerfull trolls such as The Texas Duo and Mike Anderson were part of it as well. The Empire launched it's attack in late 2009, sparking Topix War II. Along the war, more and more trolls joined the empire, soon apearing to overwelm the forum. However, the contributors redoubled there efforts, defeated GigaFan and destroyed the empire.


Believing to have won the war, the Contributors began to believe that the Empire was no more. However, the troll Pincus Shain, along with other trolls such as The Texas Duo remade the empire and attacked the forum for a second time. this time quickly defeating the contributors. Pincus then named the empire TrollTopia and began expanding the empire, until it controlled several forums.

Topix War IIIEdit

After some time of trolltopias rule, (2010) Ernst Udet formed a rebellion in an attempt to destroy trolltopia. However, when they attacked, the trolls easily repelled there attacks. After only a few days of fighting, the Contributors were defeated.


In middle-2010, Pincus disbanded the empire for unkown reasons.