The Topix Republic was a force used to controll the chaos that occured during and after The Second Topix Civil War It has a simple way of dealing with trolls:

1: For minor trolls, they should simply be ignored.

2: For moderate trolls, they should just be told to change there ways or ignored. (If persistant, they should be reported)

3: For heavy trolls, they should be reported to topix.

After it's establishment, the forum did experience a few months of peace from mid 2011 to early 2012, however in Febuary of 2012, many users such as Bunny Rabbit and Andrink arrived and began ignoring the guidelines set and began feeding the trolls. This resulted in many more new users doing the same, and ultimately resulted in more trolls arriving to the forum, forming the Topix Cold War. Finally, due to the TR being ignored by most users, and even some contributors, Enraged Giga disbanded the Topix Republic, along with the abandonment of the TDF.