Welcome to Topix Dinosaur Fourm Wiki
Topix Dinosaur Forum is a collaborative website about the TDF and related subjects that anyone can edit!

Topix Dinosaur Forum Wiki is a database and "history section" of the Topix Dinosaur Forum Empire.

It contains information about past and ongoing events within the community, the contributors, and discussions.

It is to be used as a reference section, and as a guide for new contributors.

Other websites in the empire are as follows:

Imperial Palace

Prehistoric Wiki

Paleo Place

Dino Den

Imperial Hub (Paleo Insanity)


All Dinosaur Games


Following the outbreak, for lack of a better term, of non-constructive edits, I've made changes to this wiki's Manual of Style. All contributors are to read this and act accordingly.

Manual of Style

Latest activityEdit

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