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Prehistopia; Imperial Palace; Paleo Place


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Tommy15994 is a contributor on Imperial Palace, and was also part of the now abandoned Paleo Place and joined Prehistopia only a few days before it was hacked.


Tommy's arrival was initially to aid PaudieN1 in moderating Paleo Place, As he was a real life, personal friend he could trust to keep trolls out. His activity, as it has always been, was mainly observing rather than getting into the thick of discussions. As one of the rare non-dinosaur fans (Rarer still, non-troll) of the empire, He had the rare virture of being imparital in such discussions. However, He is not the perfect moderating robot, as his passion for Gaming and technology, often blinds him to his own rant-ish nature

Arrival in Imperial PalaceEdit

Tommy had initially intended to sign up to Prehistopia to check out the competition, but it was already hacked by Aequitas the Eliberator. He then signed up to the replacement site, Paleo insanity, which later became Imperial Palace. He became a moderator on the forum, and eventually, even an administrator. He had notoriously banned Fegelein and Altanative Whatever from IP after they were trolling on the forum. However, LOTA later took his place as administrator, and tommy15994 became a normal user once again.

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