The King of Britain's avatar on Imperial Palace.

The King of Britain, (Known as The King of Thailand on Imperial Palace, nicknamed TKOB), is one of the oldest users on the TDF, having joined in October of 2006, the same month the forum was established.


TKOB arrived in 2006 under the name "A c0rrupted Drag00n". The forum, however, was very unpopular and most discussions occured very lightly. Despite his attempts to advertise the forum, it remained very unpopular. Because of this, he left. (Though ironicaly, only a few weeks after he left the forum recieved a massive burst in popularity.)


After his incident at topix, he created his own Xobor forum. It suceeded to a limited extent, having 20 users a few months after he made it. Despite this, he began to become more and more disconnected to the forum due to things in the real world. Eventually, in early 2010, Xobor began asking for him to pay for his forum; TKOB refused, and his forum was promptly deleted.


Wishing to be able to contribute to another forum without the pressure of being an admin, he scanned through Xobor forums and discovered Prehistopia. He was shocked to find that the TDF had been completely overrun by trolls. He began contributing, although not very often due to real world issues. Despite this, his posts were often highly valuable with lots of accurate information, and because of this he garnered lots of respect. He was also known for his renegade-like attitude, often favouring extreme solutions to problems. Only a month after he joined the forum, it got hacked by Aequitas the Eliberator. Unfortunately, TKOB was online at the time of the hacking, resulting in his account being deleted. With the TDF overrun by trolls, and since he never got the message about Imperial Palace's creation, TKOB left the empire.

Return to the Empire and departureEdit

In late 2011, TKOB returned to the TDF, then cleansed of trolls. He began contributing, and quickly began gaining respect due to his ignoring of most fanboys, highly valuable posts and the fact that he got along well with others. However, once again the TDF was flooded with trolls once the Topix Cold War began, and this time hearing about Imperial Palace, he quickly decided to join it. He contributed on Imperial Palace, albeit with a steadily declining rate all the way until March of 2013, when he decided to leave due to him (In his words) "Become less and less drawn to the forum".

Despite this, he occasionaly returns to check out the forum.