The August 2012 TDF outburst was a sudden burst of comments that had up to five threads being in the dinosaur spotlight. It started in the afternoon of August 25 when an unknown cause had many people talking on the forum at once, finding themselves getting replies every few minutes. This lasted until August 27, when the reply rate started to slow down.

Doctor Facepalm restarts his clonesEdit

in the early middle of the outburst, Dr. Facepalm put his clones into use again, causing the comment rate becoming higher, as contributors got angry and started fighting with Dr. Facepalm. Chaos began in the forum, with many arguments and replies being made. Coprolite later joined the revolution, leading many people to leave the job to him.

The reply rate slows down amongst other peopleEdit

While Coprolite dueled with Bunny Rabbit, many people started to slow down. Coprolite remained active, however, and this lasted until August 28. This was the final act of the outburst.

Part outburst, part revolutionEdit

The August 2012 outburst seemed to share both characteristics, as many were just commenting rapidly, while others seemed to focus on surrounding Doctor Facepalm. The outcome was that Dr. Facepalm stopped using clones again, however still sometimes bugged people.