Spinoraptor was a contributor who joined the Topix Dinosaur Forum on April 1, 2010. Before that, he had been contributing since late 2009 under a variety of different names, including "Deinosuchus" and "Giga-Man". His favorite dinosaur is the Troodon, and he was known for being a Troodon fan. Because of this, many of the other contributors accused him of being a troll. However, over time, his Troodon obsession began to decrease, and the other contributors began to respect him more. He improved very much in late 2010, and by early 2011, he was considered a good contributor, and he was no longer considered a crazy, obsessed Troodon fan or a troll.

He has a good relationship with Zero Percent Wrong. During the Topix Civil War (which he fought in), he supported him against Ohyeah. He received criticism from lots of other contributors, including Spinosaur King and Spinodontosaurus, due to his support for Zero.

As of October 2013, he is the second-oldest contributor who is still active on the Topix Dinosaur Forum, after Zero Percent Wrong. He is one of the most active contributors on the forum, and he, along with Coprolite1, raptorialhawk, and the aforementioned Zero Percent Wrong, is one of the few remaining good contributors left. He is currently attempting to free the forum of the trolls, and bring it back to life. He has also declared war on Oase, whom he plans to defeat by encouraging the other members to ignore him.