Spinobro was a troll on the Topix Dinosaur Forum.

Arrival and Stay on the ForumEdit

Spinobro arrived on TDF in June 2013, at the apex of a flame war against Oasegenggam. Spinobro quickly started to make write off-topic posts, which contributed to the lack of scientific discussions on the forum. He often got into arguments with Oasegenggam as well as other contributors. However, in August 2013, he claimed to have made peace with Oasegenggam and forged an alliance. While the two did not fight with each other for a short time, the agreement quickly proved to be nothing more than a faux.


After the end of his brief truce with Oasegneggam, Spinobro resumed flaming other users. However, he was given less attention than before, and his rate of posts began decreasing. To make matters worse, the Australia Forum Invasion had started, cloaking Spinobro and preventing him from being given attention. Spinobro left at the end of September 2013.