SpinoX000 was one of the very first trolls to appear on the Topix Dinosaur forum, and is very well known amongst senior users. He was extremely dangerous, and attempted at one point to conquer the forum with an army of clones which he personally dubbed the Legion of 20.


Arrival and Early ConflictEdit

SpinoX000 arrived on Topix in early 2007 (exact date unknown). He was a massive Spinosaurus fanboy, and constantly insulted many users who dared stand in his way. He thus made many enemies, especially in the form of wilferrel, who is well known for chasing off many of the earlier trolls on the forum's birth pangs. His rampage polluted numerous threads, and crippled the forum severly. Eventually, SpinoX000 began creating duplicate accounts or 'clones' to overwhelm the community. His damage terrorized many users, and by early 2008, he was well on his way to taking over the forum.


By March 2008, SpinoX000 along with his so-called Legion of 20 had set his sights on total domination of the forum. Fortuantly for the community, a rebellion led by none other than wilferrel (who in the past month defeated another troll,Draco the Dragon) along with spino vs rex XL, Lord Vader and Dino Freak USA, began to challenge SpinoX000's reign. A flame war began as a result between the two factions. At first, the troll had the upper hand in the war, but the rebels withstood the onslaught and in March 2008, SpinoX000 was defeated and exiled.



It was revealed on September 16, 2014, that Spino X000 was in fact Ethan Dino.