Pissin Scot, (Also known as Zoophile) is a powerful flamer during The Second Topix Civil War. He was eventually banned at the end of the Civil War, though he returned by constantly changing his IP.


Pissin Scot arrived during the brewing of The Second Topix Civil War as Zoophile. Almost all of the older users had left the TDF, and the few that remained were planning to leave as well. He immediatly began insulting users with heavy, sexist insults. Although he was ignored for the first few days, he eventually began trolling so much no user could ignore him.

The Second Civil WarEdit

As The Second Topix Civil War began to unfold, almost all the users began arguing amongst themselves; this allowed for trolls such as Scott to run rampant. Soon, a group of the few users that weren't arguing amongst themselves, mostly Mattking, Giganotosaurus and Enraged Giga, began a flame war with Scott. Although they outnumbered him, he barraged them with insults, and seemed to never stop doing so. Finally, just when it seemed Scott was going to win the flame war, Enraged Giga reported him and a few moderators passed by and banned Scott, along with almost all the other trolls.


Scott latered returned about a week after he was banned, due to him changing his IP. He found the forum stable under the Topix Republic, and decided to simply flame users. Instead of beginning an outright flame war with him, Enraged Giga made a bet. If Pissin Scott didn't troll for two weeks, Enraged Giga would leave the forum. Scott kept his end of the bet, and Enraged Giga left. Suprisingly, Scott didn't troll as often as he did during The Second Topix Civil War. Although he never actually got involved in a debate, alongside his flamings he did bring up valid points in certain debates, and certain contributors, such as Nitrox, managed to cause Scot to lower the rates of his insults.


Soon, Scot began contributing, although this changed when Enraged Giga returned. Soon, though, EG managed to convince Scot that he wasn't there to flame him. Soon, the forum continued on as usuall with only the ocassional troll. Scot soon got bored, and left the forum. During the Topix Cold War, he did sometimes insult the younger and immature users who constantly fed other trolls, however he only did this once in a while. After the Cold War, Scot left the forum.


Class 8 troll;(Formerly) Heavy, often racist and/or sexual insults, attempted forum domination.

Class 1 contributor; Sometimes gets involved in debates, flames other trolls.