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June 15, 2010


August, 2013

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Paleo Place is the name of a forum created by PaudieN1. Although it was not very popular at first, after the Prehistopia Incident, many users fled to this forum for peace. Later, however, it became completely abandoned due to Xobor's reduction of its security, leading to a flooding of the forum by spam bots. On August 2013, Xobor took down Paleo Place itself, most likely due to being overrun by spam bots and the lack of any major activity for almost a year.


The forum was created before the Prehistopia Incident, when PaudieN1 was temporarily banned along with Ohyeah from Prehistopia. Only PaudieN1 and about three other users were registered at the time. However, it only gained popularity after the incident.

Prehistopia Incident and Rise of popularityEdit

On July 29, 2010, a Class X troll/hacker named Aequitas the Eliberator hacked into Prehistopia and deleted all the content, and replaced it with insulting and trollish posts. During all the confusion of this sudden and frightful hack, most users fled Prehistopia to other forums, primarily Paleo Place. Eventually, it rivalled Topix in its Golden Age. It also reached Third place on Xobor's top 200 forums.

Loss of popularityEdit

After the large amount of trolls left Topix, few users on Paleo Place fled back there. Then, with Spinosaur King's replacement of Prehistopia, Imperial Palace, many users started posting there too, until slowly the number of posts per day decreased.


The forum eventually made a comback, after a user by the name of Mattking "fished" through Paleo Place and advertised it on Topix Dinosaur Forum.

Paleo Place became more active, albeit slightly less popular than Imperial Palace. Both forums were somewhat less popular in contrast to Topix.

Fall and EndEdit

Despite Mattking's efforts, the forum began to lose popularity, partly due to the absence of many important users, such as Spinodontosaurus, Spinosaur King (who was running his own forum, Imperial Palace) and Ohyeah (who hadn't joined Paleo Place due to his rivalry with PaudieN1), but also due to a lack of new users.

Paleo Place's fate was sealed when Xobor, the forum provider, wanted Paudie to pay for the board (Xobor is supposed to be a free provider). After Paudie refused, they greatly reduced the security of the site, allowing streams of automated spam-bots to flood the forum. Also, the URL was changed back into the original one, confusing the many new users at the time.

The forum has been all but abandoned and the on-topic posts are buried under hundreds of advertisement spam posts.