Ohno Allosaurus was a moderate troll who flamed TDF from April to May 2012.


Ohno Allosaurus arrived in April of 2012, and began spamming and flaming. He was constantly fed by many users like Bunny Rabbit and Andrink, which caused him to troll more and more. Even many users, who had been on Topix a long time, began to start responding to his posts, fuelling him even more. He continued to post, along with numerous other trolls, like Prime, Neon Drane, and Weinerschnitzel Cranzer.


As May 2012 began, however, Ohno Allosaurus began being ignored by most users, with virtually nobody responding to him. He gradually faded away, a other trolls began to outcompete him. He hasn't been seen from that time on. While a couple of users believed he was somebody new, most theorized that he was just another account of an already present troll.