normal Aussie is a troll from the Australia forum that trolled TDF as well as the Australia forum. normal Aussie was a troll on the Topix Austrialia Forum for a long time. In Fall 2013, Oasegenggam went to the Australia forum and began trolling. Oase stated that he was from the Topix Dinosaur Forum, and so in retaliation normal Aussie and many other users from the TAF went to the TDF and began trolling.

normal Aussie posted many obscene and sexual threads, similar to the ones on his home forum. He also insulted any users who had an interest in dinosaurs, calling them "Nerds" and "Virgins" (Although he did mispell the word "Vigin" on numerous ocasions.). Although at one point in late August he state that he would stop trolling, he returned barely even a week later and continued spamming.

Aussiebob, normal Aussie's friend, began to stop posting on TDF in fall 2013, because a moderator intervened, and banned his account, although he made a new one. However, normal Aussie didn't halt posting until mid-December 2013. He reappeared in mid-January of 2014, but left a few days later. He continues to post on the forum, albeit very infrequently.