Mattking's avatar is picture of jurassic park t.rex final roar head.


October 2010




Topix; Paleo Place; Imperial Palace


Dinosaur discussions; formerly trolling


Mattking, now known as Mattking Rex, is a contributor on the Topix Dinosaur Forum and later on Paleo Place. As with Lord of the Allosaurs, and several other contributors, he was initially a troll and fanboy but soon changed his ways.

Mattking continues to contribute on Paleo Place and the Topix Dinosaur Forum and was the main user behind a resurgence in Paleo Place's popularity due to his posting and advertising. He is well respected by others on the forum. He is well liked due to his ability to ignore trolls like Crash Fish. Mattking along with his freind Troodon8888 are currently two of the oldest users on the forum (with only The King of Britain, Crazy Fish and A Plot Device being older).

He can be seen on vs. threads but continually states he has desires for more general dinosaur threads to be started. He occasionally will write stories, usually based on troll wars. Mattking also has shown interst and military technology and weapons, an interest shared with Troodon8888 and Doctor Facepalm.

He sent messages for contrubtors to leave for Imperial Palace and is a big reason behind Imperial Palace's great growth recently. He has an account on Imperial Palace but can't post sometimes due to connection problems.

Argument with PrimeEdit

He began a flame war with Prime on the Lion vs Tiger thread, and initially gained much support.

Mattking has now stopped argueing with Prime because of the instablity their arguements cause.

Prime was eventually defeated due to his lack of understanding of the animals themselves.