Jakesaurus Imperator is a troll who arrived in May 2014 with the username Dark ninja. At first, he seemed like a young inexperienced user and minor fanboy. However, this was proved wrong, as he started to claim that he believes in a made up invincible dinosaur called Jakesaurus imperator (which soon became his username). He often flames users who disagree with his sourceless fallacies. He made troll threads to tease the likes of Tyranna2, PaleoGuy, Prehistory, Maxos Gojira. After a while, the other users ignored him and moved on. This kept up until some new users arrived and older users returned. He made sockpuppet accounts called Aaron Kenny and Masked Assassin then started flaming those users. He made a troll thread called "I Hate An Adorable kitten" along with his sockpuppet. He started flaming, then Tyranna2, as Coprolite, started to sarcastically flame him and call him a loner. Jake then flamed him, and was later flamed a bit by Oasegenggam, who had recently returned, this time a contributor. He posted frequently, under various names, although he was not considered a major threat to the TDF. He left TDF by August 2014 as contributors constantly flamed him and drove him away.