JMD was a contributor, as well as a troll on Topix Dinosaur Forum. He appeared in April 2012 as DKTRJMD, although he only began making significant amounts of posts in June 2012. He eventually left in January 2013.

He used old proof for his religious arguments, and when evidence to the contrary was given, he rejected it, and continued to hold his viewpoint. The trolling atmosphere of the Topix Dinosaur Forum made JMD himself turn into a troll without realizing in late July 2012. He trolled throughout his stay there, until he matured and started abandoning Topix in the end of September. He did not only do religious arguments; he participated and sometimes trolled on other threads as well. In December 2012 he made an account as JMD577. He left Topix numerous times, and the third time he decided to avoid contact completely, as he thought it was risky business to come on Topix without trolls popping up.

JMD appeared on the TDF Wiki in early 2014, and was invited to come to IP, by Fegelein/Professor Facepalm. JMD had an account there for many months and had made a post on the Chillo Forum, a fake copy of IP, but he did not post at the main hub of Imperial Palace until January 6th, 2014. He is now fairly active, but is planning on leaving by April 16th, 2015.