During  The Fall 2013 Rebuilding Attempt (FRA) began on October 30th with Charchar king's thread "Dinosaur Forum Rebuilding Attempt"

The goal of this attempt was to flood the forum with on-topix threads, hoping to flush out the trolls.


Tyranna2 (aka Coprolite) initially reacted negatively, denying that a chance existed for TDF and pointing out how the lack of mods and admins would mean that TDF would eventually be swamped by trolls anyways. His attitude slowly changed, however, until Coprolite declared his own support for the attempt.

Raptorialhawk and Tyrannosauridae also declared their support on the third and fourth of November, respectively. As of yet, these four contributors are the only ones intent on rebuilding the forum.

Early NovemberEdit

By November fourth, it seemed as a breakthrough had been made without much action; of the 23 most recent threads 19 had been last commented on by one of the four "rebuilders". Despite this, many threads are still being commented on by minor trolls.

The primary point of debate for thos undertaking the operation was how to react to trolls - Coprolite insisted upon total ignorance while raptorialhawk and Carchar king supported keeping a cool head and reacting reasonably to the trolls. An agreement has yet to be reached.

As of yet, it is uncertain what action the rebuilders will undertake to achieve their objectives. This has lead to disamay amongst the forum members, which has caused many to abandon the project.