Eliberators are supposedly a secret group of Internet activists that patrol various websites. According to the only confirmed Eliberator, Aequitas, the Eliberators' goals involve finding trolls and punishing them; however, they have never taken any action against Topix trolls, instead targeting contributors, particularly Spinosaur King and Ohyeah

It is unknown whether the Eliberators are a genuine group. On the one hand, Aequitas had no assistance during his attack on Prehistopia, and the only other apparent Eliberator, Allistar, to be seen by the community, did nothing to harm the community or websites. However, in the early winter of 2010, a troll registered on Imperial Palace under the name of Aequitas the Eliberator. Multiple accounts, each ending in "the Eliberator" had also registered. All were swiftly deleted by Spinosaur King, but Aequitas managed to temporarily block Spinosaur King's Internet access before he could be banned. This event may suggest that the Eliberators are genuinely a group of Internet activists, or the multiple accounts may have been created by the same person.