Edaphosaurus (also known as Eryops) is a contributor on the Topix Dinosaur Forum and Imperial Palace. Most forum users accept him as a contributor.


When he joined he was criticized for ignorantly insisting his facts are right and others are baseless fools. This made him very unpopular, especially with Balaur, Zero Percent Wrong and Celestial Emperor Fang. He was very radical and often is insulted for this. However, he was always tolerated (to an extent) when writing stories, arguing with trolls and drawing. He had been fighting with Zero Percent Wrong and Weinerschnitzel Cranzer, because he lost debates against both of them. He tended to back out when he realized that he's on the losing side of an argument. At one point he claimed he would leave Topix for DeviantArt, but returned a few days later when the last contributors fled to Imperial Palace. He followed them there and is now considered a contributor.

Recent Activity

He is now considered a Contributor, especially on IP where he gets along well with the other members. He also posts on TDF from time to time as Ophiacodon, due to his facination for Early Permian fauna.

He is also writing a story about Imperial palace, in which the Imperials are raptors who clash with stupid trolls, such as Rexby, with the help of dinosaurs He protects the wiki well and stops Rexby is his tracks

(Formerly) Class 3 Troll - Fanboyism, uses irrelevant and outdated proof. Also insults other users when they didn't do anything wrong.

(Currently) Class 4 Contributor - Usually posts relevant information, gets along with most users, and also writes stories.