Dinosaurus Rex is a contributor on Imperial Palace.

He had apparently posted on the Topix Dinosaur Forum in December 2013, and almost immediately afterward he proceeded to a website called Dinosaur Home. JMD, who was at Dinosaur Home, learned that Dinosaurus Rex had posted on the TDF (after JMD first began posting on Imperial Palace in January 2014.) He then invited Dinosaurus Rex to IP, saying that it was "a refuge for the contributors of Topix." Dinosaurus Rex agreed to make an account at Imperial Palace, and he began posting on January 20th, 2014. He has become a knowledgable contributor, and is often very helpful on the forum. He considers Topix Dinosaur Forum to be a corrupt forum, and so avoids it. He doesn't post very much in comparison to users such as Fegelein, raptorialhawk, and Tyranna2, although he is still classified as an active contributor.