A Forum created by Enraged Giga

Dino Den


Late November 2011


December 2011

Current Status



All manner of discussions

Security Level


Forum Provider



Enraged Giga

Number of Users



It was created by him to be made as a "safe heaven" for users during The Second Topix Civil War. During that civil war, users argued amongst eachother and the Topix Dinosaur Forum went rampart. This caused many users to leave, so Enraged Giga made this forum for them to come to.

Decline in popularityEdit

Though Dino Den did once thrive throughout the Civil War, after the troll pissin scot attacked Dino Den, it was abandoned. Although the troll was defeated, most users were simply tired of the trolling and left. This left Dino Den to be left as a ghost forum, with not even its creator posting on it anymore. It can still be accessed here:

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