Carnotaurus sastrei


May 2012 (He was around in March-April 2012 without registering as a member)




Topix, Imperial Palace


Dinosaur Debates; Vs. threads



Dilophosaurus is a contributor on Topix. He first arrived at late March 2012 without an account, but registered as a member in mid-May 2012.

He is mostly known for creating Vs. threads, particular "Random dinosaur vs others" threads. However this has attracted fanboys in which this has led critisim to some members that dislike these thread types.

Despite his username, his favorite dinosaur is actually Allosaurus.


Dilophosaurus generally does not engage in fights, but he has recently begun fighting and engaging in flame wars with Weinerschnitzel Cranzer, a fanboy person who is strongly biased towards mammals. Because of Cranzer's troll-like behavior, he has officially won support from other users. He fought Cranzer because of his intense mammal fanboyism, he disagrees on Cranzer's statements and responds to his ignorance on why dinosaurs would win to mammals.

He has also flamed Bunny Rabbit due to the fact that Bunny Rabbit has recently been making gun name clones of

Dilophosaurus's new avatar on Imperial Palace

himself. Bunny Rabbit simply denies this by saying that they are alternative names since he said all the gun names are different users and are at the same museum (judging by the location). He also said guns could post because they could hit the keys with their bullets, but Dilophosaurus has already figured out that all the guns names are the same person, and knows that Bunny Rabbit is a gun fanboy, he even knows that he's just trying to hide it.

Like most other users, he fled from TDF and evacuated to Imperial Palace, in which Weinerschnitzel Cranzer and Bunny Rabbit could not go to. Therefore, Dilophosaurus and the other contributors would not have a problem.