Crazy Fish
Crazy Fish
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February 2011




Topix, Imperial Palace






  • Crazy Fish (and variations of)
  • Lord Pattinson (Topix on occasion; shared with other users)
  • Clones of other users (topix on occasion)
  • Car models
  • Himmler (Imperial Palace)

Crazy Fish first appeared on the Topix Dinosaur Forum in 2009, although he did not start posting frequently (as Crazy Fish) until around September 2011. By his own admission his trolling focuses on sarcastic semi-attempts at humour win rather than outright flaming. Some of his early polls did not even contain an actual question, instead consisting of a nonsense statement (such as 'well then') combined with completely irrelevant options for the answers. He also trolled many new users, like Andrink, throughout early 2012. Meanwhile, he was banned from the TDF Wiki and Imperial Palace for 'excessive trolling', as well as for posting a fanfiction article about himself that was somewhat derogatory towards religion. In the case of the latter he registered again to observe the reaction to his outburst, and actually began posting on-topic and valid posts. Back on Topix, the new users responded to Crazy Fish and fed the trolls, and even more trolls came to the forum, which eventually resulted in Topix being abandoned. During the time of the abandonment of TDF, he trolled infrequently throughout late 2012, while occasionally contributing. He often compounded his trolling of other trolls with his contributions, by using relevant, accurate information in an insulting manner to offend fanboys in debates, a strategy also used by Altanative Whatever and Pinky And Ze Brain due to its effectiveness. As 2012 came to an end, Crazy Fish began progressing from a troll into a contributor. Crazy Fish, after this, trolled only other trolls, while making contributions. Crazy Fish continued to use his tactic of trolling trolls while contributing, which helped drive many ignorant users off. Crazy Fish posted infrequently in the first half of 2013, although was somewhat more active in that year's summer. As summer ended, however, Crazy Fish drastically decreased his rate of posting, and within less than a month, had ceased posting on Topix. On Imperial Palace, however, he still drops in, though very infrequently, and when he does, he usually only makes a few posts.

He is of the firm opinion that Spinosaur King is Giganotosaurus Fan, which resulted in him altering their respective articles on the Topix Dinosaur Forum Wiki to reflect this. He also has an interest in Formula One racing and has made many posts and threads relating to the sport.

It was later revealed by Spinodontosaurus (A personal friend of his), that Crazy Fish is in fact an older user who went under the name "Lemmings Armageddon". This came as a shock to users, as most senior users believed Lemmings simply left due to the amount of trolls at the time (March 2010).