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Coelophysis is a fanboy who began posting on the forum as a guest in Summer 2012 (after JMD had talked about the TDF on Dinosaur Home, where coelophysis and JMD originally came from) and has posted semi-frequently on the Topix Dinosaur Forum until late 2014. His ideas are often very radical. For example, he insisted that birds were not dinosaurs, and that dinosaurs were in fact crocodilians and vice versa. Because of this, many users, including Pinky And Ze Brain, Edaphosaurus, Lord of the Allosaurs, and Paleoworld-101, denounced him as a fanboy of John Ruben.

He is considered intolerable to most people on the TDF and he often pollutes threads. He also uses a lot of improper grammar. His theories have caused many users to disagree with him. In his first months on the forum, he faced counter-arguments from almost all Imperial Palace contributors. He popped up infrequently throughout 2013 and 2014, although he was usually ignored by other users because of his baseless, unscientific views. He left TDF in August 2014, and he did not post until he came back in December 2016 to post more pseudoscientific content and has posted sporadically since then, though few cared for any of his silly ideas anymore.

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