Carchar king is a minor contributor who joined TDF in December 2012 as Spino Guy. He has continued to post since then. After a while, he registered as Carchar king. Throughout 2013, he fought both trolls and contributors. Rexby, the main troll of early 2014, almost immediately began to flame Carchar king.

Carchar king sided with the contributors in the flame war against Rexby. However, in early 2013, another argument broke out, this time between Carchar king and the contributors. Paleoworld-101 began to harshly criticise Carchar king after it was revealed that the latter was a young Earth creationist.

Tyranna2/Coprolite1 and PAZB joined Paleoworld-101 and began to make even harsher criticisms of Carchar king. This discussion eventually escalated into another flame war, with the contributors realising that Carchar king would stick to his close-minded belief. While the ongoing feud was abandoned after a while by Paleoworld-101 and PAZB, who considered Carchar king a troll, it continued between Coprolite1 and Carchar king all the way into early 2014. He did attempt to make contributions, although he was known for often straying off-topic and feeding trolls when he was not actively trolling the forum with creationist content himself. He was largely dormant for most of 2014, and last posted in December 2014, not being seen ever since. Most of the remaining few contributors were relieved to see the creationist leave.