Faction Faction
Contributors (Imperial Palace) Trolls
Commander(s) Commander(s)
Spinosaur King "Aequiatus" the Eliberator (impersonator of Aequitas the Eliberator
Forces Forces

Spinosaur King

Lord of the Allosaurs


"Aequiatus" the Eliberator

Outcome Outcome

Victory; "Aequiatus" is banned from the forum and the security is increased

Defeat; "Aequiatus" vanishes and the real Aequitas denies attacking Imperial Palace.

The Battle of Imperial Palace was a conflict that took place on August 24, 2010. During the battle, a troll signed up on Imperial Palace under the name of "Aequiatus the Eliberator" (a misspelling of "Aequitas") and used a computer program to sabotage Spinosaur King's Internet access. With the forum administrator out of the way, "Aequiatus" was free to attack Imperial Palace openly, and clashed with Lord of the Allosaurs and Acrospinosaurus, the only users who were online at the time.