Aussiebob is a troll from the Topix Australia Forum. He currently also trolls on TDF, being showed the forum and introduced to it by Oasegenggam in Late August 2013. He and other trolls from the Australia forum, have made many racist and sexual references to Jews, Indians, and Muslims on the Dinosaur Forum. They've also called other users paedophiles for hanging around a dinosaur forum, which, in their narrow-minded views, is unimportant and for kids.

He and normal Aussie, another troll from the Australia Forum, were in a flame war against Coprolite1. Coprolite1 had gone to the Australia Forum and is attempting to hit them on their home ground, where he believes it'll damage them most. Pinky And Ze Brain had also counter-trolled Aussiebob via Private Messaging. However, Aussiebob flamed TDF throughout fall 2013, although he left during that time period.