Anomonyous is a Topix Contributor. His posts are generally helpful and informantional, although not always, and he was often well respected by other users. He had a little bit of a rivalry with Spinodontosaurus because of their varying opinions in Tyrannosaurus vs Spinosaurus threads. Anomonyous is known to have posted on Vs. threads, aswell as more general scientific threads. An atheist, he frequently argued with creationists such as Razor Jaws. Anomonyous "left" in 2011. He still occasionally looks around from time to time, but rarely posts. He rarely gives fanboys or trolls attention. Recently, he has begun posting more frequently on Topix again.

Note that Anomonyous' name is not anonymous; it is spelled A-n-o-m-o-n-y-o-u-s. This was a deliberate spelling error.

He is a respected class 8 contributor.