"the forums biggest mook" was an infamous spam poll created by Andrink in March of 2012. It listed numerous users currently active on the Topix Dinosaur Forum, and asked viewers to vote which of them they thought was the biggest "mook". Andrink claimed that A Plot Device made the thread, though most users quicky realised that Andrink had created the poll to garner attention. The thread, despite being helpful in identifying Andrink as the creator of many of these spam threads, was viewed very negatively as it was constantly responded to by trolls and troll-feeders.

Also, later trolls like Tom Sawyer (Who was, unknown to most at the time, a clone of Bunny Rabbit.) created numerous spam polls with similar names like "the forums biggest mook Part 2!" and others. In March to April of 2012, Tom Sawyer continued his spams, and while initially they were constantly responded to later they were ignored by most users, although Bunny Rabbit consistently responded to these threads.

Following the Topix Cold War and the forums subsequent abandonment, numerous spam threads related to "the forums biggest mook" were made, mainly by Bunny Rabbit, although also by some others, such as Tsar vs Castle Bravo.

During the TDF's attempted revival in 2013, Oasegenggam created a few "mook" threads. Around this same period, the minor troll Tsar vs Castle Bravo returned, under the name Huckleberry Fin (A reference to the Tom Sawyer books and the troll) and created more than 100 "mook" threads in a single day, clogging up the entire first page of the TDF. Thankfully, most of these threads were ignored.